This laughable account of Janice’s life with Dave was begun as marital therapy. She asks “Have YOU ever had to live with a mate who is an obsessive-compulsive person?”  If it isn’t too late to keep you from falling in love with one, she advises that you consider other options.

Once it became clear that Dave would continue to pursue perfection in every way — from the music he made to the vegetables and fruits he shopped for every day to the immaculate and spotless litter box he maintained for their cat —  she had to find a survival technique.  Thanks to her Italian heritage which encourages fun and laughter at every turn, she sought out the humor in Dave’s convoluted pursuits.

Jan had begun to share her takes on Dave with family and friends and OC Man was born. The stories of his food shopping escapades and endless beard-grooming became a little like stand-up comedy. People laughed, and OC man undaunted, laughed WITH them — he too has a good sense of humor.

Jan’s daughter Roxanne has a flair for drawing cartoons so it was inevitable that she would capture the pure beauty of OC man and begin to draw his likeness on everything in sight including bar napkins and stationery.  Eventually she presented him with a gold-framed colored portrait of himself and then his favorite —  an OC Man bobble-head doll!

It was time to move forward . . . the stories easily lent themselves to a cartoon strip and then these drawings were perfect for his annual Christmas card which friends eagerly looked forward to at holiday time.  Roxanne’s skills at computer art production became more refined and this presented the perfect opportunity to introduce a wider audience to the beloved character of OC Man.

Jan hopes that you can laugh at OC Man because one thing is for sure — and it’s a hard truth she learned early on . . . he’s not about to “change a hair” for  her or anybody else. So we may as well just go with it.