Huppy the Anarchist

A young man’s journey to becoming a critical thinker through sociology.

Written by Peter Marina, PhD & Roxanne Aubrey Marina
Drawn by Roxanne Aubrey Marina
Photos by Todd Norman

  • Huppy is a young hispanic man living in pre-Katrina New Orleans. He is rebellious and naturally critical of the world around him.

  • During his last year in high school, he meets a homeless man, Bo, a once-promising sociology student whose life was drastically altered when his wife, Betsy was murdered.

  • One day, near Cafe du Monde, Bo overhears Huppy talking with his friend Bobby and realizes that Huppy is the student he's been waiting for.

  • What happens next is an exploration of critical thought as Bo shows Huppy how to use his 'sociological imagination' while living in the strange, violent and racially divided New Orleans.

  • Bo, with the help of Huppy's friends Bobby and Sarah as well as Huppy's imaginary, caped alter-ego, Huppy the Anarchist, ...

  • ...will take Huppy from an untrained and sometimes unruly young man to a seasoned critical thinker with a clear understanding of society and the institutions that maintain this reality in which we all exist.

  •   Peter Marina grew up in New Orleans and initially studied Sociology at the University of New Orleans, receiving his PhD in Sociology from the prestigious New School for Social Research in New York. Additionally, more than a decade of teaching at both the high school and university levels has enabled him to effectively communicate even the most difficult of intellectual concepts. He can be contacted through his website,
  •   Roxanne Aubrey Marina, having spent nearly 20 years in graphic production and design in New York City, is illustrating the concepts and the characters as well as writing the dialogue. Other examples of her illustration can be found here.
  •   Todd Norman is a photographer and a lifelong resident of New Orleans. Born in the 7th Ward, he attended St. Augustine High School and Delgado Community College. His images display his passion for the many diverse neighborhoods and architectural details of New Orleans.
  •   Lagniappe is a beagle/terrior mix (a.k.a. Bayou Beagle) who hates squirrels and has her own twitter feed. Though she doesn't add content or art to the book, she does remind us all how important it is to strech and take a walk every now and then.
  • As a preface: The name Huppy is a combination of Husband and Puppy. Most women would agree a new husband, while hopefully cute like a puppy, requires some amount of training, like, well, a puppy.

    We were sitting in The Brooklyn Inn, discussing the lack of critical thinking in our society and Huppy said, "It would take a superhero to get people to think more critically, one that's a critical, radical anarchist." "Sure," I said, "and I suppose we should just call him Huppy, Huppy the Anarchist." Then we both just sat there in a moment of profound clarity, looking at each other. We immediately grabbed some bar napkins and Huppy the Anarchist was born.


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