Roxanne Aubrey Marina

print production management production artist graphic designerillustrator

Word & Excel
Filemaker Pro
(editing only)
other skills
Letterpress printing
(1925 C&P 10x15 Platen Press,
5X8 Kelsey tabletop platen press
and Vandercook proof press),
Hand binding of books

Atmospheric Science 
& Fluid Dynamics

New York University
Graduate Fellow
New York, NY

Case Western
Reserve University
Cleveland, OH

References available upon request.

Resume PDF here.
independent production artist/designer/illustrator
1/11 to present
Production and design clients include: The New Jewish Home, The Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty, City of La Crosse, Great River Shakespeare Festival, Hillview Urban Agriculture Center, The Jewish Federations of North America, Sauk Prairie Alliance, Max & Louie Productions. Illustration Clients include: Max & Louie Productions, Vagabond Journey (Senior Vagabond, Vagabond Cookbook), LifePart2, Great River Shakespeare Festival Will Run 5k Websites: Hillview Urban Agriculture Center, Peter Marina, PhD, Down and Out: New Orleans, Huppy the Anarchist


p/t admin/marketing
12/16 to present
Hillview Urban Agriculture Center, La Crosse, WI
Create and manage member database. Create emails for regular member drives, follow up with donor thanks and tracking. Maintain and track statistics for relevant information needed for the grant application process. Design and distribute online newsletter. Maintain facebook presence. Design annual report. Design presentations, printed materials and signage as needed. Manage photo library, invoicing, and file systems. Maintain newly designed brand standards across all platforms. Design and Maintain website:


production manager
5/00 to 12/10
The Jewish Federations of North America, New York, NY
Managed all aspects of production for a large non-profit organization, producing materials for various national campaigns and international meetings. Provided production schedules for in-house clients. Maintained and tracked inventory of items produced for all of the federations across North America. Maintained corporate identity in all printed materials. Conducted vendor searches, accepted and analyzed bids and quotes. Tracked costs. Advised Art Department on digital art and production. Created, finalized and released mechanicals. Evaluated proofs. Supervised printers on press. Advised company regarding equipment and software purchases. Maintained network of Mac computers.


art/production director
2/99 to 8/00
Newborn News Magazine, Staten Island, NY
Co-owner of magazine. Managed production and art direction of all aspects of 4/C saddle-stitched quarterly and its accompanying web site. Analyzed and minimized production costs. Managed editorial content. Conducted vendor searches and evaluated quotes. Created and managed marketing plan. Produced and designed promotional items.

production manager
6/98 to 5/00
Prism Marketing and Communications, New York, NY
Managed all aspects of production for a studio with produvts ranging from coffee mugs to seven-color brochures. Provided production schedules for account executives. Trafficked files from creation to mechanical stage. Conducted vendor searches, accepted and analyzed bids and quotes. Tracked costs. Advised Art Department on digital art and production implications. Color corrected and retouched high-res images. Created, finalized and released mechanicals. Evaluated proofs. Supervised printers on press. Supervised assistant. Maintained back-up system. Managed network of Mac computers. Advised company on equipment and software purchases.

director of production
3/97 to 3/98
Brooklyn Bridge Magazine, Brooklyn, NY
Organized and managed production of all aspects of 4/C perfect-bound monthly. Managed ad design and trafficking. Managed the production of special promotional items: conducted vendor searches, accepted and analyzed bids and quotes. Supervised printer on press. Supervised assistant and ad designer. Produced, designed and maintained web site that was updated monthly. Analyzed and minimized production costs. Created monthly mock up. Managed network of 25 PowerPC computers. Maintained back-up system. Advised Art Department regarding digital art. Designed advertisements as needed.


production artist
4/95 to 6/98
Guy Conti Art & Design, Estée Lauder, Bozell, New York, NY
Created digital production art for major cosmetic companies such as Estée Lauder, Avon and Elizabeth Arden. Work entailed: creating diestrikes with bleed for primary and secondary components, setting up electronic plates for embossing, debossing, stamping and silk-screening, fine-tuning art for high-end printing, ensuring final mechanicals complied with domestic, international and product-line specs. Assisted in redesign of product lines. Set-up graphics for screened comps.

art/production director
2/92 to 7/95
Brooklyn Journal Publications, Brooklyn, NY
Created layouts and designs for monthly Brooklyn Woman (4/94 - 8/95) and weekly Brooklyn Record. Duties included all pre-press production on the PC using Quark, Photoshop, and assigning material to illustrators and photographers. Typeset for other publications. Designed advertisements. Created mailing database. Supervised printer on press.


multimedia production artist
8/94 to 3/97
K2 Design, Contentware, New York, NY
Organized and optimized art for web sites, cd-roms, kiosks, and print material. Assisted in design of layouts, banners, and screens. Created Powerpoint presentations. Created graphics for print.




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Great River Shakespeare Festival
Will Run 5k race

Also: See the final 2015 T-shirt design
& 2016 T-shirt design.

Hillview Urban Agriculture Center


Kickin it Pink for Kristyn
Her superpower is beating breast cancer!

Sauk Prairie Alliance


The Violet Hour
produced by Max & Louie Productions



Political Tarot
Cheney, Condi, GW, Hillary, Obama, Mitt and Clinton as the Major Mentors.Roxanne Aubrey Marina


Travel Anarchy





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  The Violet Hour Back to Illustration

Client needed a concept for the show The Violet Hour.

Prior to having a photo shoot with members of the cast, illustrations were created. (click on images for larger)


First concept was to show the machine that would be spitting out the magical papers. I did a quick sketch of a steampunk type of machine. Concept was rejected because the machine is never actually seen on stage.

Second concept included character with paper. All the concepts after this had different expressions. Machine illustration was incorporated as a ghost image behind the primary illustration.

Third concept
Fourth concept

Final concept for program book: Client preferred more paper along with large blurb.



Final art used photos taken of cast members in costume acting out a scene from the play.







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Large-Format Production

For the annual General Assembly meeting for the Jewish Federations of North America, I took designs, provided to me in illustrator, and transferred them to the vendor's template system. Finalized the artwork for registration booths, JFNA's booth, and column wraps, to name a few.


Loosely based on previous years' designs for the typesetting, came up with a basic look for the mission booklets and with direction from client, created two booklets under a tight deadline.

Straight-up Production

Using an already established look for the show THE NEW CENTURY, set up ads and web art. Handled all the production of the program book including layout, typesetting and ad design as requiree.

High-End Brochures, multiple formats

Managed all production aspects of annual fundraising campaigns including, but not limited to, creating final art from low res comps, working with art directors regarding budget constraints, finalizing digital files, purchasing art, bidding out jobs to multiple vendors, and supervising printer on press.

Fast Typesetting & Design

Using an established design, typeset and chose images for 32-48 page magazine newsletter. Needed to minimize page count and utilized free imagery wherever possible to stay within the budget. Average turnaround from time of receiving text: one day.

Streamline Production

Based on original design, gradually moved the magazine from a black and white newsletter to a 4C magazine. Simplified the layout, i.e. where images were not anchored to the text, to anchoring the images so that edits could be easily made. This simple change made for faster production while maintaining overall look. Converted production from Quark to InDesign as industry standards changed.


Created templates based on vendor measurements. Finalized all digital files. Everythingwas completed in a very brief period of time. This included banners, column wraps, posters, billboards, premium items, printed material as well as several window clings that ran the length of a city block with multiple images that needed to be silhouetted on a various backgrounds. Worked closely with vendor to ensure all items were delivered on time.

Monthly Magazine Production

Production Director for monthly perfect-bound magazine. Created mockup, designed ads, worked closely with advertising department, released to prepress house, coordinated production schedule, managed and tracked costs.

Packaging Print Production Artist

Set up packaging designs based on printer-provided die-lines for packaging or, in the case of the leadership and Instinet pieces, created my own. Set up digital mechanicals in Illustrator complete with color separations when necessary. Maintained company branding and international product lines for Estee Lauder, Avon and L'Oreal.

The New Jewish Home

Designed their 2015 Annual Report using their new brand identity. Also designed invites and postcards for various events as well as a series of postcards promoting their programs.

Hillview Urban Agriculture Brand Standards

I revised Hillview Urban Agriculture's logo, maintaining the identifying hands but removed the box and updated the typefaces. The new logo has been used with the original colors until recently when I updated their palette to brighter greens with contrasting orange and gray when needed. New printed materials like brochures and pamphlets, are now using this new color palette.

Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty

Designed seven large format hanging banners for a Legistlative Breakfast with a very tight turnaround (one weekend) for design and finalizing files.

City of La Crosse Mayor's Conference

Created a logo for the Mayor's Conference along wth a flyer, small poster, and program booklet that printed on 11x17 and folded down to 5.5x8.5.

Great River Shakespeare Festival Season 13

Designed the Season 13 collector's poster using a commissioned mosaic from a local artist. Created three promotional posters, calling out various parts of the mosaic to highlight the three shows. Also created a season brochure. All of these pieces set the tone for the upcoming season, echoing the artist’s artwork using a tiled mosaic feel to the designs with a colorful carnival-esque type treatment. Also updated this year's Education brochure.

Sauk Prarie Conservation Alliance Newsletter

Refreshed the template for their old newsletter, creating a fresher-looking newsletter, using a grid with more balance between the pages and better type hierarchy. Will be redesigning their logo during this year and will then completely redesign the newsletter once their identity is established.

Sauk Prarie Conservation Alliance

Designed a large folding toolkit-for-action brochure for a campaign to inform the public about a land plan being formulated by the Wisconsin DNR, It was printed on 11x17 and folded down to approximately 3.5x8.5. Dense information was presented in an attractive, clear, and understandable fashion.

2015 GRSF Annual Report

With the 2015 annual report, I maintained the streamline treatment I began in the previous year. I accentuated the bold "What Love Dares" theme by using a stark red color throughout along with bold images. Also, I retooled the infographics from the previous year. Also created this season's Education brochure.

Great River Shakespeare Festival Season 12

Designed the brochure and the season poster using a commissioned print from a local artist. These pieces set the tone for the upcoming season, using a shocking red along with a dynamic typeface to bring out the season's theme of "What Love Dares."

The La Crosse Area's Growing Experience

Designed 68-page glossy magazine for Hillivew Urban Agriculture Center, a local non-profit. Informative photography (by local photographers), progressive color palette and clear content conveyed the Hillview's mission of becoming the much-needed hub for the large (and growing) number of local food activities in the La Crosse community.

2014 GRSF Annual Report

For the 2014 annual report, I wanted to streamline it from previous years, making it easier to read and more concise. I also made it the size of tablet reader so it could be easily viewed on any platform. The final printed piece was light, compact and elegant.

Design for Season 11

Using already established play logos and art, redesigned playbill for size and simplicity as well as designed promotional posters for their 11th season.

Packaging & POP

Designed labels for Vermigold worm castings for Hillview Urban Agriculture Center. The castings are bing sold in local ACE hardward stores which required a POP display.

Postcards & Brochures

Created postcard & brochure for Sauk Prairie Alliance. Brochure was created from several documents and condensed to make gatefolded legal-size sheet that was printed one-color to minimize costs.

Book Design

Based on publisher templates, designed the cover in addition to doing the production work on the art. Designed and typeset the text. A sample chapter can be found here.

Website Design

Design websitee using HTML5, CSS and jQuery. Examples are: Huppy the Anarchist, Dr. Peter Marina. Gabriel Cohen Books.

Show Identity & PR

Created an identity for the show MRS. MANNERLY. Provided layouts for ads, posters and postcards. Set up email blasts. Designed and typset the program book. Managed PR contacts and ad buys as needed.

Show Identity

Created an identity for the show THE LYONS. Provided layouts for ads, posters and postcards. Set up email blasts. Designed and typeset the program book.

Newsletter Redesign

Redesigned the newsletter for the newly merged departments of Anthropology, Sociology and Languages. Gave the newsletter a unified and modern look with the use of color while maintaining the individual idenity of the departments.

Owner of Bi-monthly Publication

Designed and managed all aspects of production for this 6x9 saddle-stitched booklet, including ad design.

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