To Pasto and Beyond

The trip to Pasto was relatively uneventful. Peter managed to purchase the tickets and pay for them with his bad Spanish. However, the plane was one of those small jet planes with two seats on one side and a single seat on the other. I do not like those.

The flight was fine, and then it got a little bumpy when we got to the mountains. And then, I saw the runway. The runway is hilarious, and by hilarious, I mean absolutely terrifying. (I got this photo from a website because I was too terrified to dig out my camera and take my own photo.)

I think the girl behind me was saying more Hail Mary’s than I was. You can believe I was muy muy grateful to land.

Pasto itself was kind of dull. We arrived on a Sunday, right before a national holiday so the town was super sleepy. It was fairly unremarkable, hence the lack of photos. We were only there for one night so Pasto doesn’t get more than a page of type.

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