Dead blog is being resurrected, baby!

Well, depending on the WiFi at Sacred Stone is whether or not I can post.

Yes, I’m going go to Sacred Stone to support the water protectors. I will stay as long as I feel useful, but no longer then the week after Thanksgiving because, money.

I am planning to update to this blog. I’m hoping I’m not such a shy asshole that I can’t find something or someone to help out/talk to/learn from so AT LEAST I’ll have something interesting to post.

Might also be a few guest bloggers. Stay tuned!

I have to say, my friends (and their friends) have been extremely helpful and have filled in all my camping needs for N. Dakota. In November. Which is INSANE. And so outside my comfort zone. You have NO idea.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need yet ANOTHER glass of wine because Trump is ahead in Florida. WTF is wrong with Florida???

The Torture of Making Easter Bread….er, I mean Joy!

Easter bread, a sorta’ sweet, anise and lemon flavored almost cake-like bread (due to the dozen eggs you use to make six loaves of it) is not a particularly Italian thing, but it is a huge thing in my Italian family. And while all of us in my family have made the bread at some point in their lives, only a few of us do it every. single. year. We’re the crazy ones.

It started with my gramma.

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Brief Update

I’ve not done a lot of traveling of late but that’s not all bad. (Huppy is of course gallivanting about the Caribbean again.) I’ve been busy building up a client base here in southwest Wisconsin. Two of them have kept me more than a little busy.

First, the Great River Shakespeare Festival in Winona, MN needed an annual report a brochure and some posters.

And second, and the biggest deal, was a project for the Hillview Urban Agriculture Center here in La Crosse. I started working on designs for the thing back in May and the final product was finally printed a few weeks ago. It’s a fundraising magazine for Hillview and is all about the local food system here; it’s history, what Hillview and others provide for the community and where they hope to take it all into the future.  Give it a looksee. (Hint: You’ll want to move here after you see it.)

I finally get back to my computer to do what I want to do and what’s the first thing I crank out? This!


(You might recognize the original drawing from the set of tarot cards I did. I really felt that Mr. Cheney need an update, based on the recent release of the torture report and his “defense” of it. Uff da. Why aren’t any of those bozos incarcerated?)

Trout Fishing at Night

For those of you who know me, you know I truly hate bugs with every fiber of my being. The little “zzzzzzzzzz” in my ears, the feeling of tiny little things bouncing off my face or crawling in my hair…Ugh. I can’t stand it.

But I have this cousin here. His name is Carl. And he’s a trout fishing freak. OK, maybe the word freak has too many negative connotations. Continue reading

Gardening Update: I have a touch of the blight.

OK, so before last week, I didn’t even know blight was a thing. Did I do something wrong to cause the blight? Probably. Do I know what it is I did to cause it? Not even a little. I mean, I can guess it might have to do with overwatering. I should’ve stopped the daily watering a week or so before I did. Maybe that’s it. I dunno. And how do I know it’s blight? Continue reading