The Mop From Hell

The other day, I tried to so some cleaning. Just a little, not a lot. I was in for quite a surprise, as my father-in-law can attest to…

So, the landlady keeps a bunch of mops and brooms outside in the little patio area.

Looks normal, yeah?

I grabbed a broom and swept the place out. Then I thought, “Hmm, why not get rid of some of that black mold in the bathroom?” So I poured some bleach on the walls and the corners to let it sit for a minute and I went out and grabbed a mop. I didn’t think to look at the mop too closely. I mean, the broom was fine, why wouldn’t the mop be? Right?

At this point, the little shower basin was filled with bleach water and I was just going to dump the mop in there and mop around. As soon as I put the mop in the water however, something terrifying happened. At least 5 bazillion little black bugs each about the size of a pea–they may have been roly polys–came pouring out of the mop!

The mop had become an evil magic wand, touching the ground and spreading pestilence across the land. I shrieked. I tried to mop them all down the drain but more bugs just kept coming off the mop. I started hopping around the tiny bathroom, fearing the critters would climb up my legs, and chanting “ohshit ohshit ohshit ohmygawd ohshit ”

They were everywhere and fast, all trying to make a break for it; climbing up the walls, heading towards the window, the toilet, the door, everywhere. I nearly lost my mind. Pedro comes running in and, with what I’m sure is the most maniacal face possible, I pleaded “Do you see this?! Do you SEE this?!!”

His only reply? “I certainly do.”

I finally managed to get them all down the drain, ran out the door with the offending mop and I haven’t mopped since.

Not gonna’ either.

Nope. Nuh-uh. Not gonna’ happen.

I still have a bad case of the huzz from it. Ewww, shiverrrrr.

On lighter note, though no less gross, I found a wonderful travel story on It’s a fantastic article about squat toilets. I WISH my posts were half as good, mostly because then I’d be making money from them.




4 thoughts on “The Mop From Hell

  1. THAT was reeeee-ly entertaining. Still laughing and am sure the visual image will make me laugh for days to come!

  2. Yowza! There are good bugs and bad bugs and I’m guessing I’d put those in the bad bug category. However, Rox, this experience will keep your nightmare adrenalin going for many years to come. Just be sure to take a can of House & Garden Raid with you to dreamland.

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