The worst thing about prepping for a trip

is the cleaning. Today, I spent five hours on my living room and dining room, scrubbing the floors, dusting and washing the rugs and couch cushions. (And no, mother, I did not do them in that order.) Tomorrow, it’s the oven, kitchen floor and bathroom along with the laundry and packing. I HATE coming home to a dirty house.

THEN, we wake up to get the boy to then airport for his 6am flight to Oregon and then drive to NOLA with the dog and all our stuff. That night, we’ll go see a brass band in the Marigny, go to the in-laws for a serious Cuban dinner on Sunday and then leave for San Antonio Monday afternoon for our cheap flight to Mexico City on Tuesday.

Apparently, dear husband forgot to budget in any time for sleep between now and Wednesday. He says he’s keeping me young. I say he’s wearing he me out.

I’ll let you all know on Thursday who is right. Finger’s crossed he is.

Oh. I have to share this. I probably should tweet it but I saw the most awesome vanity plate last night: TUSHDR

I know! Seinfeld’s ASSMAN!


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