We’re in Mérida

and are heading to Cancun today. I won’t even talk about the 14 hour bus ride here… until I can do it justice, of course.

Actually went to the beach yesterday and drank a Piña Colada. See? We do normal stuff too.

A church on a hill

There’s a street here called Guadalupe Andador. That’s the street with all the bars and restaurants and where you usually can find expats hanging out at the wine bar called La Viña de Bacco. Great bar. They give you tapas with every every order, and a glass of their house red costs $18 pesos! If we go there, we end up staying too long and eating far too much tapas and drinking far, far too much wine. There’s been a few nights where we were there so long, we forgot about dinner altogether. (It is also the scene of my one night of gastrointestinal horror… not due to their tapas, but due to a waitress giving us a free shot of tequila as we walked out the door. BIG mistake on my part.)

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