My Mother-in-Law is a Goddess

We were having a hard time finding a place for Lagniappe (our spoiled dog). We thought we had it sussed before we left St. Louis, but none of it was working out the way we thought it would. It was looking like she would have to be boarded for 10 days or so and I had a meltdown thinking of her sleeping in a crate all by herself and being surround by other furry creatures she sadly cannot relate to. My mother-in-law, god bless her, said, “Of course I’ll take her. Relax.”

So now, Lagniappe is staying at Spa Abuela. She loves it here. There are lizards to chase, birds to bark at, a fenced in backyard, an equally spoiled playmate named Fannie to play with and a loving abuela to coddle her.

As for us, we leave in two hours to drive to San Antonio to catch our flight to Mexico City. I have the muscle relaxants in an easy pocket of my bag so I can sleep while my father-in-law and Huppy figure out what should replace capitalism (since it’s obviously a failed system) while they make the 10-hour drive to San Antonio.

One thought on “My Mother-in-Law is a Goddess

  1. Lagniappe did sleep on her stinky blanket, however, this morning all she wants to do is follow me around the house and has taken quite a few laps around the outside of Spa Abuela. She would not eat her grub last evening, but she did this morning when I fed her the ground beef along with her kibbles. Good! I was beginning to worry. She’s doing very well. Happy landing in Chiapas! Say hey to my better half.

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