We are at the San Antonio Airport

LOooooong drive.

It was fairly uneventful until we went for breakfast at Shoney’s. Because I’m with my father-in-law and my much younger husband, the stupid woman server assumed I was a senior citizen as well and gave me the senior discount on the buffet breakfast. Huppy is not helping matters. He’s wearing converse high tops, a fedora and his Brooklyn t-shirt. He looks like he’s about 12.


I told him we should’ve walked back into the restaurant and french kissed and groped each other in front of her. He didn’t want to bother. He can’t figure out why I even care.

Again. {sigh}

Two hours to Mexico.

Oh and Lagniappe slept all by herself on her stinky blanket. She’s moping. She’ll get over it… or hate us forever.

Forgot to mention the pat down. Ms. Melanie Mann did a very professional job on my opt-out pat down. Huppy’s pat down wasn’t as thorough, but he still felt like she should’ve tipped the guy. Remember people, if we all opt-out of walking through the x-ray machines, they’d have to get rid of the x-ray machines. Force the kabuki theater performance. It’s costs them time and money.

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