And so we depart San Cristóbal

Which, honestly, I don’t want to do. It’s truly wonderful here.

I’ll miss our cute little apartment (we’re the one on the first floor with the yellow curtains):

Little being the operative word:

and the window looked out onto this adorable courtyard that had lime and pear trees.

Not bad for $6 USD a night. Not to mention the perfect weather, the great restaurants, and the wonderful people we’ve met.


Alas, it had to come to an end sometime.

Tonight we leave (on a 12-hour bus ride) for Merida which is the capital of the Yucatan. We’ll spend a couple of days there and then off to Cancun for our flight home. Sadly, Merida and Cancun will be hot as Haddes.

Of course, once in NOLA, we have Tales of the Cocktail on Thursday night, Grand Isle Rodeo on Friday, a BBQ on Saturday, Satchmo Fest the following week as well as the Whitney White Linen Night. So, you know, it won’t suck.

Posting when possible.

2 thoughts on “And so we depart San Cristóbal

  1. Hey, where are you? Last we heard you were going to Merida and that was two days ago. We believe we got a phone call from you yesterday (Tuesday) but were not able to connect when we tried returning it. Please call again, thanks.

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