We’re in Mérida

and are heading to Cancun today. I won’t even talk about the 14 hour bus ride here… until I can do it justice, of course.

Actually went to the beach yesterday and drank a Piña Colada. See? We do normal stuff too.

2 thoughts on “We’re in Mérida

  1. Soooo glad to hear from you!!! Were beginning to worry. After the worry, could use a Pina Colada ourselves. Can’t wait to hear about your 14 hour ordeal. But glad you are well and doing normal stuff. Love Mom

  2. Jeez . . I also was worried. Forgot to check the blog. DUH!!! Will wait to hear all the gory details about that bus ride.

    Left you a phone message about the Federal government being invited to take an active part in addressing some of the problems within the structure of the NOLA police department — housecleaning time I guess! How will this affect Peter’s research project?

    Have a safe flight.

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