It’s been an odd week

Wow. I haven’t posted for two whole weeks. Where has the time gone? Oh, right, I know. I’ve been on the move. Peter is staying behind in NOLA, teaching at UNO and starting his two major research projects and the stepson got his first, full-time summer job. After a rough year and an even rougher move, I just felt the need to mooch off family… in the North… where the temperatures are more reasonable. (Lagniappe is comfortably enjoying her stay at the Spa, a.k.a. my in-laws’ house on the North Shore.)

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The Scenic Route

When we’re in NOLA, we have to go to the North Shore A LOT. That’s because Huppy’s folks live there. There are two very long bridges here. One, the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, which goes from Metairie to Mandeville, takes about 30 minutes to drive over and the other one is the Twin Span which takes about 10 minutes. BOTH bridges would make my nervous aunt hum a John Phillip Sousa song. To get to his folks’ house, we usually take the Twin Span. Yesterday, we did it a little different.

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NOLA is Time Consuming

Here I had hoped that NOLA would’ve been a lot more fun than it has been. It’s not that it’s not a fun town, but since it’s closer to home than I’ve been in a few months, real life has been rearing it’s ugly head; worrying about travel, work, finances, getting teen Huppy back to school (he’s a Junior this year!), Huppy finishing up his manuscript and preparing for a talk, it’s all been, {sigh} a little too mundane.

I was so hopeful our first night back.

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Made it to New Orleans

We made good time and Peter didn’t speed once… so ya’ll should be checking for the four horsemen.

The boy made it to Oregon with nary a hitch. He is now gainfully employed for the next six weeks with the North West Youth Conservation Corps. We’ll see how he does without his playstation. Though, he’ll have a lot of pretty scenery. He’ll be at Crater Lake and the Sequoia National Forest.

Probably won’t be able to post until after we arrive in Mexico on Wednesday.

So begins the journey.

It’s 5am

and we’re off. The boy was just shoved out the door… literally. He hadn’t finished packing. He was still cramming stuff into his bag as he walked out the door in his stocking feet. He has a very odd concept of time so even though we tell him, “Do it now,” it doesn’t get done for hours, no matter what the chore. I’ve honestly never seen him move fast. Late for school, he stops to pet the dog. We’re in the car waiting, stands in the doorway and stuffs his mp3 earbuds in his ears.

Anyway. The dog is nervous. Peter is tired. I’m exhausted. The 10 hour drive to NOLA should be fun fun fun.

I’ll check in when we get there.