Back in St. Louis

and not lovin’ the reality. Lucky for us though, the temperature dropped like 20 degrees the week before we got here. According to everyone we’ve spoken with, this last summer was THE. WORST. SUMMER. EVERRRR. as far as the heat goes. The rent on our apartment in San Cristóbal was probably much less than it would’ve cost us to air condition our apartment for the two months we were gone.

Postings will be slim from now and until our next big trip. We do occasionally get out and do things around here so we’ll post if anything is very interesting. Given that it’s the milquetoast Midwest though, you can assume this blog will be in semi-active hibernation.

Keep us bookmarked and don’t forget to visit our webpage for updates on the book. Also, we are in the process of building up a facebook page and a twiitter thingy. I’m told those are important. Are they? I don’t know.