Dead blog is being resurrected, baby!

Well, depending on the WiFi at Sacred Stone is whether or not I can post.

Yes, I’m going go to Sacred Stone to support the water protectors. I will stay as long as I feel useful, but no longer then the week after Thanksgiving because, money.

I am planning to update to this blog. I’m hoping I’m not such a shy asshole that I can’t find something or someone to help out/talk to/learn from so AT LEAST I’ll have something interesting to post.

Might also be a few guest bloggers. Stay tuned!

I have to say, my friends (and their friends) have been extremely helpful and have filled in all my camping needs for N. Dakota. In November. Which is INSANE. And so outside my comfort zone. You have NO idea.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need yet ANOTHER glass of wine because Trump is ahead in Florida. WTF is wrong with Florida???