Kickin’ it Pink for Kristyn

Some of you may or may not know, but the wife of Huppy’s brother/friend, Bobby, was just diagnosed with stage two breast cancer at the crazy age of 37. Complete madness. So, as a fundraising tool and just as an image for her to focus on, I turned her into a superhero whose super power is BEATING CANCER.

Visit her blog and comment… often. She’s gonna be at it until January. It’s going to be long winter. Also, if you can, donate to her team for next Saturday’s Komen New Orleans Race for the Cure.

I did some drawings.

I felt the need to do some self promotion for my illustration. Well, really, Huppy the Anarchist is on a sort of hiatus while the Dr. is applying for jobs for next year and I was jonesing for some drawing so I did a few political tarot cards. To display them, I tried setting the page up as a flash file, but honestly, what the hell has happened to flash? I mean, I USED to be able to worm my way around the program, lift some script here and there and pull something together. Now? No way. Which is just as well I guess. My hopelessly hip 15-year-old nephew told me, in a sort of know-it-all-tone, that “nobody uses flash anymore.” Apparently, it’s all HTML5 and/or CSS. Who knew? I’m grateful. It’s far easier to figure out HTML than it is flash. So long flash. Sorry to see you go. Not.

Please visit my illustration webpage to see the cards.