Notes & Reflections on Antigua & current events in the US (with a brief comment on killing black kids in ghettos)

(Cross posted on Peter Marina’s blog)

After spending the weekend in the Dominican Republic it was time to get back to work, back to Antigua, my home base for all of this extensive research.

It’s a mixed feeling, going back to Antigua. Antigua is in many ways an undesirable place to live. The unrelenting sun beats down hard on an island where running water is in short supply. Apparently, the government gave away the country’s water rights to a private corporation. That’s right, they privatized their water, an act that would cause revolutions in some countries (see Bolivia). Moreover, the government failed to use tax-payer money to pay the corporation. As a result, the corporations shut off the running water, only turning on at unpredictable times and usually only for moments at a time. In fact, Continue reading